The Dominant Seven

A simple reading of The Revelation reveals a long list of sevens consummating the Shabbat of God, His ultimate rest. The number seven and the references to seven are repeated over fifty times in The Book of Revelation.

This list begins with the seven churches, the seven Spirits before the throne, the seven golden lamp stands, the seven stars, and the seven angels.

In the heavenly scene, we see the seven lamps of fire, the seven Spirits of God, the seven seals on the book of judgment, the seven horns, the seven eyes, and again the seven Spirits of God followed by seven ascribed honors to the Lamb.

From the seventh seal flow the seven angels with the seven trumpets and the seven thunders. The seven signs are illustrated with the seven horns, seven heads, seven plagues and seven more angels with the seven bowls of judgment. These are followed by the seven mountains and the seven kings.

The number seven is referenced as a dominant theme with respect to completion in The Revelation. There are seven distinct visions experienced and documented by John. Each vision is a unique facet of God’s revelation. With the instruction of the angel, John is introduced to yet another facet of Jesus’ revelation and is startled by the brilliance of its illumination. Though there are seven facets, there is only one story. Jesus’ provision and victory are the dominant theme.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ is indeed a Book of Sevens

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