Seven Facets of the Jewel of The Revelation

The seven visions recorded in the Book of Revelation are unique disclosures of God’s big picture. He reveals His salvation story through His Son in these independent but similar unveiling visions. Each of the seven visions reveals His mercy and grace in His provision for humanity to remain volitional creatures under the sovereign hand of God.

God’s relationship with His bond-servants is the focus on the ongoing tribulation of humanity under the consequences of sin and the ultimate and great tribulations at the conclusion of these first two ages of man, B.C. and A.D.

The dual tracks of consummation revealed in these visions are confusing to those bound by the chronological perspective of man. Our limited paradigm can blind us from the heavenly perspective. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. All time, a component God’s creation, fits within the span of His hand. He is not bound by it as we are. We are creatures of time.

The first track of judgment concludes in the destruction of Jerusalem and the second track ends in a new heavens and a new earth.

Revelation was not given from man’s perspective but from God’s perspective, Heaven Time. When we view the series of Revelations, the seven visions, from the perspective of God’s timelessness (more appropriately, timeliness) then the vast visions begin to open to our understanding. The first of these dual tracks reveal the consummation of Daniel’s prophecies resulting in the fulfillment of the Law in Jesus Christ and the destruction of the sacrificial system and its symbols at the destruction of Jerusalem. They second reveals the consummation of the age as the Apostle Peter proclaims in his second letter.

Each of the facets in the Unveiling reveals greater insight into the glory of God and His mercy. We will look at the first facet in the next post.


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