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Concerning “Tongues” as a New Testament reality.

The mystery of the Pentecost manifestations of Acts 2 have captured our imaginations for almost 2000 years, just as the ‘Shekinah’ presence of the OT. The testimony of Acts 1 reports that (vs 15) about 120 persons were gathered in the upper room where this outpouring occurred. Key components were obedience, prayer, & unity. In this setting the “first mention” of tongues occurs with the ‘Shekinah’ presence manifested “as” wind and fire. The individual experience & participation for all of them was tongues.

This birth of the church spilled out into the streets where (I Corinthians 13:1) tongues of men & angels were heard. Many dozens manifested this new gift, and of the many dozens of languages spoken, 15 are documented as known languages (Acts 2:8-11).

The Apostle Paul clarifies (I Corinthians 14) the uniqueness of the only manifestation gift of the Holy Spirit that is yielded to the one receiving it, tongues. It has three primary manifestations and purposes; the individual initiated self-edification(vs4), the Spirit initiated prophetic utterance (vss 12-13) and the miraculous form of evangelism (Acts 2:8).

It is interesting that tongues for self-edification are considered the least of the gifts. This is due to the fact that it is primarily for the edification of the gifted whereas the remaining 8 manifestation gifts of I Corinthians 12:7-11 are primarily for others, prophecy being considered the greatest. Paul reports the “not all speak in tongues” but the Scripture does not limit the gift. It does not say “not all can speak in tongues.” It is my experience that you have not because you ask not.

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