Sexual Confusion #9

Thinking clearly, acting gracefully.

Given the pervasive influence of the homosexual agenda on our culture and now even the church itself, it is absolutely essential that we know and be equipped to respond with the facts.

Let’s consider the imposed confusion of gender identity. Today, some are attempting to alter their physical appearance to “be” something that they are not, either by cross-dressing or surgical and hormonal alterations. This perverted and lustful expression reflects a sexual preference and an unnatural desire that has developed in the confused psyche of a tormented soul. We grieve for those that have been encouraged and mentored into this unnatural physical expression. Promoting and supporting this behavior as natural is a deception that multiplies the pain. They are opposed by their own body and must callous their conscience to pursue this behavior. They can never be satisfied nor will they be whole in this life if they continue in this lifestyle.

The natural identification was clearly designed by our Creator in Genesis and is observed by every birth. In Genesis 1:27 we see that “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” When children are born, they are male or female.

Other than the rare birth defect known as ambiguous or atypical genitalia when a child is born with undeveloped or malformed sex organs that makes it unclear whether an affected newborn is a girl or boy, it is without question. This condition occurs approximately once in every 4,500 births. This defect is rare, a malformation, not a gender identity.

If a child is brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord with their birth parents also growing in their godly identities and His Divine Order, then a child will not be sexually confused or misdirected. A perverted sexual preference of a confused adult is a powerful influence on the development of a child. This is the motive for legislative boundaries, legal influence and cultural formation. Please understand the natural outworking of a confused unbalanced family results in a confused unbalanced society and eventual breakdown of the family and humanity. The demise of the Divine design for procreation leads to a eugenics of the arrogant, an unnatural design of “fallen” people by “fallen” humanity.

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