“Thinking Outside the Box” – Not

A friend was looking for my blog and found this post from another author. I would have commented back to this author, but it does not appear that he is actively blogging any longer. So my comments are below this excerpt from that post.

Impossible Journeys: Inside a Bigger Box

“Think outside the box.” The phrase has been so overused … The concept behind the phrase seems to have merit: We normally think in certain patterns, but to be creative we need to think in diverse, chaotic patterns. True.

However, this antiquated phrase is still inaccurate. Thinking “outside the box” is literally and figuratively impossible. Here’s why:

An individual’s thought process is a magnificent blend of beliefs, rules, experiences and intuition that shape ideas and each person’s personal reality. -more-

Overall I am in agreement with the thoughts in the post, at least as far as he takes it. I would like to take this further toward my experiences and what is behind the title of my blog.

“Thinking outside the box” is something that we choose to do, or at least try to do. We come to some level of realization that something needs to change or we need to try a new approach toward a problem, opportunity, life, etc… I understand what the phrase is trying to convey, but, whatever we do it is actually based upon our box. Our box is what we are, there is no outside of our box. Those that want to improve themselves, want to learn more, be more, may over time expand their box but it is still their box.

I’m talking about when something that is truly outside your box breaks through, how do you deal with it? You can either safely tuck it into a corner of your box and make it a part of you or you can close the lid and keep it out.

When that something is God, that is when “you’re gonna need a bigger box”. We can deceive ourselves into thinking we can limit God or fit him into a corner of our box. God will respect that choice and let you keep him out. However, if you will keep the lid open you will find that God cannot and will not fit into your box. The sides of your box will burst open, which is not always bad. You may find that you loose some things that didn’t need to be in your box in the first place. The good news, God will supply a bigger box, and when that one is no longer big enough, a bigger one yet.


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  1. K Says:

    Thanks. what a beautiful thing to say ..’you’re gonna need a bigger box’ – Amen for God is great!!

  2. kg Says:

    sometimes we need to look at our box diffrently.thanks for reminding me of this!!!!

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