It Does Not Matter

I just found and read Why Blog Post Frequency Does Not Matter Anymore. This post lists 10 items to support what the title implies. I found this to be a great post because it supports what I had already decided.

Isn’t that the way it always is. We look for support for the decisions we have already made (or want to make) and we avoid those things that don’t support our decisions. In fact we usually go out of our way to “burn that bridge” to distance ourselves from those things don’t support us. This bridge burning is done, once again I say usually, in some derogatory way when people are the source of this non-support. This way we can not only avoid those people which do not support us, we can make sure that they don’t even get close. This tactic then assures us that we won’t have to give them any consideration now or at any future time.

Since we are busy people and don’t have time to think through everything that may threaten our decisions we have come to rely upon labeling. I guess the 2.0 way to say this would be tagging. You know those labels: liberal, right-wing, those-kind-of-people, religious, smart, dumb, etc… This way with one word or short phrase we can discount people and ideas without a lot of thought.


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