Are you a reader? a writer?

Posted in to be categorized on June 29th, 2006 by skip

They say that no one reads anymore, I have even said that myself. However, the more I think about it and look at how many words hit the Internet and news papers on a daily basis, people must be reading. Maybe we just don’t read as deep, we scan, we don’t contemplate.

I was not a reader when going through school, reading only what I had to, and I did okay. Then I began my career. At that time I was in the technical field, and there was a lot of reading required. I was doing more reading than ever, reading what I had to.

Priorities change, interest change, people change, I found that I was beginning to read things that I didn’t have to. I am a slow reader, a deep reader (years of technical reading teach you to read deep, because there are no wasted words in technical writings). I’m sure some of what I am reading will come out over time.

Now for someone who is not a reader to begin writing, that is a whole new challenge. Don’t get me wrong I have written letters, documents, how-to’s, but that is different. A couple of recent events have brought me to this place of beginning a blog. One, a friend gave me a journal, this was unsolicited and unexpected. He gave me the journal and said you should write down your thoughts. Second, I was reminded of a term when I was in the sales phase of my career, “going public”. When you really believe in something you go public with it. It moves beyond thoughts, beyond a personal journal, it becomes public. I really believe in the things I hope to write here. Now if I can only establish the discipline to actually do it.